Petr Baudiš


I am a pro­gram­mer and Compu­ter Sci­ence rese­archer, stron­gly rooted in the open source hacker culture. My focus is Arti­ficial Intel­ligence and Linux sys­tem program­ming. As another hobby, I enjoy messing with digital cir­cuits and I like the game of Go. I also like Doing Things Right™.

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I offer professional services as consulting programmer. I pro­vide expert consulting in my focus areas (AI, Linux, HPC, Git and such). I am available for cont­rac­tual pro­gram­ming work, and offer training in UNIX and Linux pro­gram­ming, Git version control and open­source deve­lopment.

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I have contributed to my fair share of open source projects; most notably, I have been wor­king on Git, ELinks and glibc. Almost all my personal pet projects are open source too. I have also conjured up a couple of web services, did not shy away from some reverse engineering and done various contracted work.

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My main research focus is Artificial Intelligence, in parti­cular Monte Carlo Tree Search, Algorithm Portfolios and advan­ced Machine Learning methods. I am the main author of the world-class Go playing program Pachi; my goal is for it to reach pro­fes­sional stre­ngth in 19×19 Go. In the past, I have been digging into version control a bit too.

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For several years now, I have been teaching a variety of courses (mostly related to UNIX, high performance computing and AI) at the Charles University; cur­rent­ly I also teach at the Czech Technical University.
I also offer commercial training and mentoring services in my areas of expertise.

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I am quite involved with the Prague hackerspace. I work on most of my hobby projects there, mostly invol­ving some hardware and micro­control­lers. Doors, robots, testing apparata, sensors, com­plex LED control, you name it!


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