Professional Services

(Petr Baudiš)

I offer professional services as consulting programmer and software expert.

Throughout my career, I have created a wide variety of software, both professionally and as a hobby – be it small kernel hacks and low-level tools, large C applications, reverse engineering obfuscated Java sources or undocumented protocols and file formats, mining unusual datasets, advanced shell scripting, embedded microcontroller programming or Perl-based web applications. I'm used to dive into large foreign codebase and start debugging or implementing features with minimal warm-up. I maintained several popular open-source projects and reviewed countless lines of code. I have significant teaching experience and I have spoken on my share of conferences.

(my experience and references)

If you could use my services, get in touch! You can e-mail me at or call at +420 776 584 544. I am based in Prague, Czech Republic, EU.

Programming Services

I have large wealth of programming experience and can help you solve a diverse range of problems. I focus on UNIX-based solutions; my main tools of trade are C, Python and Perl, but I can work in many other languages if suitable (C++, Java, ...).

  • Custom Applications – low-level, highly optimized UNIX tools as well as high-level terminal or GUI appli­cations. Network services, computa­tionally intensive tasks, control­ling electronic systems.
  • Machine Learning and Control – data mining and visuali­zation, signal processing and prediction, computer vision, automated classifiers and heuristic decision making.
  • Codebase Recovery – taming abandoned codebases, documentation, reverse engi­neering of legacy systems, taking over and wrapping up projects in emergency. Customization and deployment of open-source software.
  • Advanced Automation – complex scripting tasks, unusual challenges in system integration, data processing.

As a programmer, I am used to talk to my customer. I will be happy to explain any details to you if you are interested. One of my goals is to give you maximal control over the software behavior so that you can do most future adjustments on your own.

Consulting Services

Are you making something awesome? My focus is on leveraging my experience to help you and your software engi­neering team get there. I will help your team to explore the way ahead and get around all obstacles and help you ensure high quality of your design and codebase.

  • Training – courses and tutorials in UNIX foundations and programming, efficient programming, algorithms and data struc­tures, Git version control.
  • Support – support contracts for Git usage in your team or generic software engineering consulting.
  • Code Audit and Review – C, Perl, Python, shell. I will be happy to offer you high-level overview of a codebase and give very specific feedback to your engineers. My primary focus is always security, long-term maintai­na­bility, robust­ness and effi­ciency where it matters.
  • Development Workflow – designing a Git-based efficient colla­boration workflow for your team supported by robust version control tools; guidance for your open-source contri­butions, getting your patches properly submitted, reviewed and included upstream.
  • High-level System Design – maintainable, robust and scalable architecture for your application or solution in the UNIX spirit.

I can work at hourly rate or with fixed cost and deadline per job. You do not need to be a big company to arrange my services; my pricing is very flexible. I will of course give you a free quote.

I pick only projects I know I will enjoy – anything else would not work out well for any of us. And you can bet that I am perfectionist about work that I do enjoy. Documentation and (reasonable) warranty on my work are obvious part of the arrangement. I speak and write fluent Czech and English.

You can also purchase one-off consulting services online. I accept Bitcoin and PayPal. You may find my online help form useful.

My bussiness site is Dobratická 523, Praha 9, Czech Republic. IČO (Czech business ID): 725 27 510.